Doctors in the United States are regularly entrusted with the lives and futures of their patients, so qualifying to practice is not something that everyone can achieve. Given the responsibilities involved with practicing as a physician of any kind, most find it reasonable that a great deal of education and practical skill-building is required of each and every such professional. In addition to requirements like graduation from medical school and the successful completion of a residency program, doctors also have to prove themselves in other ways in the process. One of the most significant steps of all is the passing of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), an extensive test broken up into three separate steps that is designed to prove whether a wide range of relevant knowledge has been absorbed.

The first step of the USMLE probably most resembles the academic tests that students of all kinds are familiar with. While it involves a grueling eight hours of testing conducted on a single day, Step 1 probes whether students have mastered a range of scientific concepts from fields like biology and chemistry. With these details typically having been covered either in undergraduate pre-med programs, in medical school, or both, many students find that simply hitting the books intensively can be enough to pass this step of the exam.

The second stage is where things become quite a bit more difficult for many. Although the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) portion resembles the first part of the exam in its basic outlines, the Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) test looks quite a bit different. Because it involves the demonstration of practical clinical skills like diagnosis and common means of treatment, the Step 2 CS test is regarded by many as being more difficult to prepare for independently than the Step 2 CK testing.

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